Back in Berlin

Since the last sunday (12.02.2006) I am back in Berlin. I found a nice flat share in a really pretty house. I am really happy about this and my flatmates are really cool and the flat share is a good trade-off for my attic floor apartement before ten month. The next would be to find a job, then the rest will come self-acting. The next game evening has already been organized and it was relly nice, missed it badly.

So, who lives in Berlin too and wants to see me again, contact me.

sebastian - Sunday, 19.02.2006


Seven Month in France - A Review

The time passed by so fast, that it doesnt feels so long, but when I look at it, so it is over seven month now. I left Germany at the 10th of April 2005 and these are seven month and three days. Really often I think about all of this, what would be, when I dont have done this. Surely I would be in Berlin without a job, because the situation in Germany is not really better than before.

I feel alone really often and I have home sickness, so that I am sure, I will not stay here for an additional year. I will stay for five more month, but after this time I will go back to Berlin, and of that I am more than sure. The people around me have different meenings about my decision. Most of them say I should stay and hold my job, this job is really secure and probably I could work for Blizzard the next years. They are right, but they dont see, what there is for my after my work. Presently there is so good as nothing for me. My day is always the same. I go up, go to work, come home, eat something and sit in front of my PC and go to bed. The only difference in my weekend is, that I dont go to work. Other people can understand me and my situation. They thinking, that I do it right. When I decided to go back home, so it cant be negative and a few are happy to see me again after the long time away from home.

At long sight I see no future for me, in all means about my feelings. I realise now, where I miss some things, how important they where for me and I see, that money alone is not all. It is good to get payed every month, but what worth has it for me, when I am displeased and unhappy. I hope that my viewpoint ist understandble and to go back to Berlin, to make this decision, is not really easier than my moving to Paris

sebastian - Sunday, 13.11.2005


Paris - the city of Love

I arrived Paris well and safe. The last seven weeks where very touching for me, I wont forget this time so fast. At the beginning it was all really strange for me and I would like to go back home, but during the time I am feeling well here, even when I miss my mother, my friends and my home. From today (the first of june in 2005) I will go on with my diary, the weblog will exist for the next time, beside the normal entries in the diary. Everything more will reflected in the next days and weeks.

sebastian - Monday, 01.06.2005


Tanis goes to Paris!

I never believed on this, that I will leave Berlin someday, but this day has come now. At the beginning of april i will leave Berlin and move to Paris to work there for Blizzard Entertainment Europe. Blizzard is one of the worldwide biggest companies for computer games and for all of you, that dont know the company, can inform hisself over the link on the picture on the right site (see the blizzard logo).

In february I send three applications to three job descriptions frob Blizzard, a few days later I get a answer, requesting to write it again in englisch. So I write it in english and sent it again and a few days later again I get a call from paris. I was so excited, that I was never before, because I never spoken english with other people. At the 9th of march I had my job interview in Velizy, near Paris for two jobs. The first was for the customer & billing support, the second interview for the job as a game master. After the interview, what was really good proceed for my feelings, the told me to wait for a few days, they will contact me again in one week.

After the game evening with my friends this evening a checked my emails and there it was, a mail from Blizzard that they will take me. I have locked nearly five minutes out of my window and cant realize, what I have read there.

I dont know what to say about this, because I abide no acceptance from Blizzard and for all not so fast. I am very happy about this, this chance I want get every day but also the feeling of sadness is in me right now. When I go, I will leave all my friends and my family behind me and start a new life!

This weekend I will use, to sort my cogitations, to make a plan and on monday I start the whole thing. Go to the employment center, cancel my flat and all the stuff that is to do. I am feeling well with this and I am sure, that this is the right way for me, even when the lost for this chance is really high.


Paris, the city of Love


Welcome to my private website in the world wide web

And again a have made a new design for my website. So there is for every part of the site another picture on the top, which is including the navigation. A guestbook is there now in the form of a shoutbox in the part imprint. There you can let a message for me. This website shows a little part of my person, some fields of my life. Who wants to know more about me, has to contact me in real life. The website is online since october 2001 and is updated every day. The diary is the main part of the website, here I write every day what happens to me. So have fun now with the website and if you have any questions, suggestions or criticism dont hesitat to contact me via email or use the shoutbox.